Nutrition Centre

Here’s some advice from Nick Morgan from A Word On Nutrition. He offers practical advice that we can all bring into our daily lives, creating better health, well-being and ultimately running performance.

Nick is currently the Performance Nutritionist with Hull FC and Newcastle Falcons, as well as Head of Sport Science at the Soto Tennis Academy. Nick has also been the official nutritionist for the Brighton Marathon advising participants who are running the Brighton Marathon and completing events with Breast Cancer Care through their partnerships with his company, A Word on Nutrition.

Nutrition is about what you eat and drink everyday. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, nutrition is important to the way we function, particularly our health and well-being. It is important that we get these basics right, to help compliment the benefits of regular exercise. Only then can we look to build on these basics with more advanced nutrition strategies for faster run times. Please see below for some useful articles on nutrition and your training.


Where do you start?

So where do you start… Have a simple routine! Eat regularly throughout the day, with a platform of three main meals and two snacks. Eat a variety of foods, with fresh fruit and vegetables featuring regularly. It sounds simple but it is easy to become lazy. Plan your week – based on your training, family … Continue reading Where do you start?

Exercise Nutrition

Pre-exercise food intake This meal should be eaten 2-4 hours before exercise. It should be high in carbohydrate, low in fat, low to moderate in protein but with a low amount of fibre. Too much protein will slow down the movement of foods from the stomach and will make you feel uncomfortable if you are … Continue reading Exercise Nutrition

Fuelling your marathon

Fuel your ambition and achieve your goal At A Word On Nutrition we understand the commitment and determination it takes to push yourself to the limit in the quest to achieve your fitness goals. Poor nutrition has the capacity to ruin months of hard work and leave you in a heap on the floor well … Continue reading Fuelling your marathon

The Christmas Challenge!

There is no doubt that the Christmas period is a very challenging time to stick to your nutritional goals, even with the best of intentions. Below are some recommendations on how best to reduce the temptation to over eat and make poor food choices. Start each day with a healthy breakfast (e.g. smoothies, eggs and … Continue reading The Christmas Challenge!