Where do you start?

So where do you start…

  • Have a simple routine! Eat regularly throughout the day, with a platform of three main meals and two snacks.
  • Eat a variety of foods, with fresh fruit and vegetables featuring regularly. It sounds simple but it is easy to become lazy.
  • Plan your week – based on your training, family or work commitments, think about what food you might need in the house.
  • Think before, during and after! Focusing your food intake around training helps you to push harder and recover quicker.
  • Monitor how you feel! If you feel good then that is a good sign. If you are tired and lethargic then nutrition might be an area to seek advice.

If there is one tip we can give you, it is not to try and change the world straight away. Adopting better nutrition habits will take time, just as it does to build towards those running goals ahead of you!

At ‘A Word on Nutrition’ we are here to help. Practical advice based on your questions, tailored to your needs. Don’t be afraid to seek our advice, or ask us questions. This is the best way to help you get the answers you need!