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Do your feet or legs hurt when you run? Are you limping the morning after a run? Is heel pain or shin pain slowing you down? Do your toes go numb? Not sure which running shoes are best for you?

A visit to a Podiatrist could be the answer. A biomechanical assessment of your foot and lower limb function, combined with gait analysis, will enable you to discover why your pain or injury has occurred. The assessment session could include pressure plate and treadmill video analysis. Using all their findings, the Podiatrist could provide you with custom-made orthoses and specific exercises to enable you to regain comfort and optimal foot and leg function. They could also give advice to help you buy appropriate shoes.

An orthotic is a medical-grade foot bed that has been specifically designed for you and the way your feet strike and leave the ground. Custom-made orthoses are prescribed using the expertise and knowledge of your Podiatrist and are tailored to the type of runner you are and the nature of your injury. Orthoses are not always needed but, when correctly prescribed, they can make all the difference.

A visit to a Podiatrist is especially helpful if you have a long-term niggling injury that won’t go – a repetitive strain or injury that persists despite having had other forms of treatment.



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SunDial Clinics 111 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XF



SunDial Clinics 52 St Jame’s Street, Brighton BN2 1QG



Brighton Podiatry 211, Hangleton Rd, Hove, BN3 7LS

South Downs Podiatry 40 Wilbury Road, Hove BN3 3JP