Stories and Interviews

This is a regular feature of stories and interviews which we hope to be of interest to the running community living in, or visiting, the Brighton area.

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OCTOBER 2015: Emily Proto completed her first marathon in Brighton in April 2011, in a time of 3hrs59. In the Florence Marathon, November 2012, she ran 2hrs59. In the build-up to Brighton Marathon this year, all of Emily’s training suggested she would run inside 2hrs50. Unfortunately, she landed awkwardly when stepping off a curb in … Continue reading Proto

Comedy Joe

SEPTEMBER 2015: Often, when I have an evening in, I find myself flicking through the TV channels and stop flicking when I get to ‘8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown’. Knowing that it features Joe Wilkinson, there will be no immediately apparent reason why I should turn off and go for a run. Over … Continue reading Comedy Joe

A Healthy Addiction

AUGUST 2015: I first met Gary McKivett when he was training with RunBrighton over the winter 13/14 in preparation for Brighton Marathon. Reflecting back on that season, my feeling is that he blended in well – one of a large number of runners all going about getting themselves ready to complete the 26.2 mile course … Continue reading A Healthy Addiction

Bionic Bladder Man

JULY 2015: Richard Carter has been involved with Brighton & Hove Athletics Club for the last four decades. In his teens he ran for his country.  Since then, he has gone on to coach some of the club’s elite distance runners and, more recently, has switched to coaching children. He was instrumental in the establishment … Continue reading Bionic Bladder Man

Michele & Brigitte

JUNE 2015: You’d be forgiven for thinking they could be Siamese twins. But no. Brigitte Groves and Michele Saunders are just a couple of best mates who share a passion for running and for giving up inordinate amounts of their time to support other runners. Both current active members of Arena 80, Brigitte and Michele … Continue reading Michele & Brigitte

Ant’s Army

MAY 2015: It’s 11am, Monday 18th May. I’m in a 16-seater minibus on the M4. Wales behind us, we’re now en route back home, everyone dreaming of a good sports massage and of a restful night in our own beds. The seat in front of me is occupied by a bike, others piled high with … Continue reading Ant’s Army


APRIL 2015: Could Rosie Gasson be a name to look out for in the future? And perhaps not just in local running circles but at a higher level? Rosie is currently the fastest 8-year-old at parkrun in Sussex. She has won a number of local cross-country races and has just come second in her under-11 … Continue reading Rosie

The Fittest I have Ever Felt!

MARCH 2015: Annie Broe joined up with RunBrighton for the first time this winter and has fully immersed herself in training for this year’s Brighton Marathon, attending all but one of the long Sunday runs. But it only came to light a couple of weeks ago what Annie has been through prior to embarking on … Continue reading The Fittest I have Ever Felt!

Pepper – Always a Hot Favourite!

FEBRUARY 2015: This winter’s Sussex Cross-Country Championships, which took place at the beginning of January in Bexhill, attracted a number of class athletes. The fastest on the day was Jon Pepper of Brighton Phoenix (Athletics and Triathlon Club). And three weeks later, in the South of England Cross-Country Championships, he came an impressive 3rd, just … Continue reading Pepper – Always a Hot Favourite!

Caroline, Queen of parkrun

JANUARY 2015: Caroline Wood of Brighton’s Arena 80 has just clocked her 100th parkrun victory, only the third person in the UK to do so. And at 51 this makes her the oldest runner to reach such a tally. In the last 4 years, Caroline has twice been selected to run for her country. On … Continue reading Caroline, Queen of parkrun

Hanoi to Sydney!

NOVEMBER 2014: It’s 9am in Preston Park Velodrome and there’s a distinct sense of calm-before-the-storm! The course mark-out was started a couple of hours earlier, thousands of bottles of water stacked at the finish line, tea tent erected, inflatable arch inflated, sound system plugged in, radios tested… A plethora of volunteers from City College are … Continue reading Hanoi to Sydney!

1500m Champion Charlie

OCTOBER 2014: Brighton & Hove has churned out some great athletes over the years, but not many to the standard of Charlie Grice. Every result he has produced so far would suggest we are witnessing the city’s best athletic product since Olympic Gold Medallist, Steve Ovett. Ironically, Charlie represents Brighton Phoenix, which was co-founded (originally … Continue reading 1500m Champion Charlie


AUGUST 2014: In April this year, at the age of 13, Almi Nerurkar won the under-15 category of the Brighton Marathon Mini Mile in a time of 5 minutes and 29 seconds. A week later she proved she was no one-hit-wonder as she proceeded to win the Virgin London Mini Marathon over 3 miles in … Continue reading Almi

Awesome Lawson

JULY 2014: The first time I heard the name Dan Lawson was in the context of him having run Brighton Marathon, immediately preceded by him having run the Brighton Marathon course in reverse, immediately preceded by him having run the Brighton Marathon course, immediately preceded by him having run the Brighton Marathon course in reverse!!!! … Continue reading Awesome Lawson

Heroes & Villains

JUNE 2014: It’s the 17th May 2014 and it’s shaping up to be the hottest day of the year so far. On Hove sea front promenade and spilling out onto the adjacent lawns, I’m surrounded by Supermen, Spidermen, Wonder Women, escaped convicts, vagabonds and a plethora of other heroes and villains. They’re all on the verge … Continue reading Heroes & Villains

Mexican Kev

MAY 2014: London Marathon day. 13th April 2014. It was an early start. And the moment my 4 hour drunken sleep was rudely and abruptly disturbed by my 6.45am alarm, I immediately realised my error. I had stupidly arranged RunBrighton’s monthly social bash (and post-Brighton-Marathon celebrations) the night before. At the end of our evening in … Continue reading Mexican Kev


APRIL 2014: If you find yourself on the sidelines of this Sunday’s Brighton Marathon, and you see a runner wearing number 5050, please give her a special cheer. In fact, shout Happy Birthday! It’s not just any birthday though – it’s her 50th! But that’s not all. It’s her 50th marathon. Yes, that’s right, she’s … Continue reading 5050

Dimos the Destroyer

FEBRUARY 2014: Dimosthenis Evangelidis – or Dimos the Destroyer as he’s affectionately known amongst his club mates – has been demonstrating what an asset he is to Brighton & Hove City AC. When I say ‘club mates’, I should really use Dimos’s favoured description of his training group as ‘his running brothers’; in fact he’s … Continue reading Dimos the Destroyer